Inverted Hedge

Inverted Trading Since INCEPTION

Since the formation of Inverted, we have consistently predicted shifts in the market, and invested in innovative, untapped market segments before their rapid expansion.

Inverted Hedge is the multi-asset class, long-short proprietary trading division of Inverted Group.

Unique Opportunities

Uniquely Different

What truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to finding emerging, high growth, innovative asset classes, identifying the best individual investments within said asset classes, ensuring that every trade is backed by comprehensive due diligence using our battle-tested risk management framework, allocating before most investors catch on, and finally executing on our exit plans once our research produces a proper signal.

Willingness to be Different

Why we Trade

Our vision is to combine robust strategy and unparalleled expertise, to sculpt a trading enterprise that is repeatable, innovative, research based, and macroeconomic data-driven.

We commit to unwavering transparency and integrity.