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Financing Paradigm Shifts

A paradigm shift is a revolutionary and disruptive change in the human experience. Inverted Ventures is a single family office of investors with a passion for technology that radically improves the human experience. We invest in founders with visions for the future that will lead to fundamental changes in the way people live their lives. We primarily focus on pre-seed and seed stage investments.

Angels with Wings

Our commitment as investors is that when we invest, we are not simply financing your business’ growth, we are your partners, and we will support you through every challenge your enterprise faces. We do not limit ourselves to a single geographic location nor to a single industry. We look globally for deals with a pragmatic mindset and will consider any deal that has the potential to exponentially change their industry for the better.

Alpha Hides in Plain Sight

Unlike most traditional; venture capital funds, Inverted Ventures engages in proprietary trading activities in securities, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and foreign exchange markets while searching for extraordinary early-stage startup companies to build into titans of emerging industries. Our skilled and passionate team of in-house researchers constantly investigates new investment opportunities. Beginning with our comprehensive macroeconomic analysis models, we identify asset classes and specific sectors poised for impending price action. Once we have determined opportunities to investigate more thoroughly, we use quantitative technical analysis to size positions with asymmetric risk-reward. If we are passionate about a trend we conduct our due diligence to find the best companies in their sector.

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