Our Journey

We Finance Paradigm Shifts

par·a·digm shift
/ˈperəˌdīm ˌSHift/

“a revolutionary and disruptive change in the human experience.”

Our family office has a history of investing in innovative investment opportunities





Factor Energy

Founded and Operated Midstream Energy Marketing Company to 80X exit in 2022

9X return in 3 years.

14X return in 19 months.

39.21% IRR in just over 2 years based of 10 directly aligned investments

Equities & Commodities Investing

Inverted Crypto Trading

Inverted Ventures Inc.

Investment Track Record

Our Journey

Our Promise

We are extremely selective when we invest.

Our success is anchored in comprehensive research
 and unwavering integrity. We are not simply a cheque, but are partners with our portfolio companies' founders and we will press them to reach their goals by sharing our business experience to guide them through the peaks and valleys of scaling and operating a company.