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Inverted Ventures is the venture capital business operated by the Inverted Group Family Office.

We are active and trusted investors in the Western Canadian Venture Capital ecosystem who understand the value of staying ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving market.

Financing Paradigm Shifts

Investment Portfolio

Shayne Rodrigues
Financing Paradigm Shifts

Investment Portfolio

Shayne Rodrigues
Inverted Ventures

Defensible Companies: How large is their moat?

Pioneering tech solutions for legacy industries

Team is able to achieve the mission and take this start-up to exit

Companies who want VC partnerships to extend beyond capital investment

The company has an attractive valuation

Our Ideal Investment

Willingness to be Different

Our extensive memberships in multiple angel groups and partnerships within our ecosystem generate proprietary deal flow.

Investors and founders actively seek us out to present opportunities drawn by our strong friendships and relationships, reputation for integrity, and thorough diligence.

We have seen over 1600 pitches the last 2 years, meticulously handpicking only 10 seed stage companies to invest in through our Calculated Diligence process.

Founders want us on their cap table because we are not simply a cheque, but are partners with out portfolio companies’ founders and we will press them to reach their goals by sharing our business experience.



Sales Development
Operations Processes

Cap Table Management
Team History
Background Checks

Competitive Analysis
IP Protection
Moat Identification

Calculated Diligence

Legacy industries are slow to adopt technology. We back founders who implement fundamental change by utilizing disruptive technology to provide opportunities for exponential growth.

Inverted's Calculated Diligence evaluates companies through a constantly improving, repeatable process by looking under the hood of companies to provide founders with our expansive analysis that includes:


Inverted’s Calculated Diligence forces portfolio companies to evaluate themselves by documenting and refining their internal processes and provides the team with a linear vision moving them forward to their Series A.

We share our Calculated Diligence with our vast network of investors to help speed up their due diligence, letting our founders close fundraising faster, so they can return to scaling their businesses. Our commitment is to conduct Calculated Diligence on every investment we make, to ensure we only invest in top quality, innovative businesses.

Willingness to be Different

Investing as Partners

We are extremely selective when we invest. We are not simply a cheque, but are partners with our portfolio companies' founders and we will press them to reach their goals by sharing our business experience to guide them through the peaks and valleys of scaling and operating a company.